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Custom Homes vs. Tract Built Spec Homes in Subdivisions

By RL Gordon  • 

Larger tract builders have developed some great floor plans over the years, which address most of the needs of a typical family. Building the same model with slight variances in design, such as exterior color, flooring, countertops, cabinetry is certainly the most cost efficient way to build for the masses. This certainly is a great option for most families.

But, what if you don’t fit the “mold”? What if you want to break out of conventional tract housing options? Your needs could range from wanting to express your own style to needing more functionality and less maintenance. Maybe you want your home to leave less of a footprint on the earth or maybe you want a home with all the latest technology?

“A family’s home, regardless of location and size, does really reflect a lot about them.
It is an extension of their family.”

The good news is that a truly custom home, designed from the ground up to address each individual’s personal tastes and requirements, can be surprisingly affordable. With well over 1,000 satisfied customers and more than 34 years experience, R.L. Gordon & Co., has perfected the custom home building process. We start by asking the right questions and listening to the needs of our clients. We will discuss countless aspects of the process before drafting the preliminary plans. Placement of the dishwasher for a left-handed person, pantry storage options for a family with small children, easy access shower for a retired couple thinking about their forever home – we want to know and understand what matters to you today and down the road.

We will break down each and every cost in the entire building process and explain options to reduce your out of pocket expenses. It is critical that you have a firm grasp on your budget and know what needs to be done now and what projects can be done in the future. We want to make certain that when your custom home build is complete there is nothing you wish had been done differently.

Most builders are knowledgeable and experienced. When combined into a team of subcontractors and suppliers, we can set the standard and hold the mark for excellence and customer service. At R.L. Gordon & Company, Inc, we believe in taking this to the next level and are as selective about the clients we work with as we want our customers to be about us. The process must be enjoyable for all — it can, and should be fun to build your dream home!

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