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Fad or Trend?

By RL Gordon  • 

In home purchases buying into a fad can be expensive, and a long-term mistake. In today’s media one person’s fad can spread like wildfire and appear to be a trend, and too often we can buy into it. Trends normally are slower moving. From the smaller homes of our parents, divided up into small distinct rooms to larger open spaces we often see today. Fads spread fast, often caused by some celebrity showing something unusual and that gets copied by one desiring to be trendy or cutting edge. It is not hard to drive through different areas and tell the time period of many homes, while many elevations on homes are just timeless. The same applies when walking through a home often viewing for possible purchase, and see construction that was far outdated before its time.

We here at R. L. Gordon & Co. try to steer clear of fads, yet embrace the newer items our customers desire. Farm style sinks are here to stay, not new just returning. Those blind shelves that many wants are a nice touch and if wanted removed an easy and not expensive fix, along with that barn door. So maybe stick to items like that multicolored hair we see today. If it can be dyed over, or at least grown out and cut off you may want to give it a try. However still a good idea to stick to what you like and want instead of the what maybe seen in that last magazine you picked up.

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