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How Important Are The Colors & Finishes You Choose In A Home?

By RL Gordon  • 

At R. L. Gordon & Co, we have been privileged to build hundreds of custom homes for a broad spectrum of people over 34 years. Like the TV commercial states “we’ve learned a thing or two because we have seen a thing or two.” One thing inevitably became clear years ago; regardless of whether we were building a smaller 2000 square foot home with a modest budget or a 12,000 square foot home with a sizable budget, paint selection and finishes make all the difference.

The value of a home can be greatly increased simply by the choice of finishes and colors, without affecting the cost of a the home during construction. Great interior design is affordable when done right and can garner a greater return on investment.

We are always leery of “what is trending,” – design choices made off of popularity created by recent media events. The good ‘ole “this is my taste and what I want” may fulfill the immediate desires of your family, but will it transition to new owners when the time is right? As a custom home building company, we have learned to have the vision to see past the construction site and actually visualize the home that will be lived in. We must be careful to meet the requirements of our clients, but there is great satisfaction when we build a home that we know will add to the soul of that family. Our goal is to build a home that family and friends eagerly anticipate visiting, where life’s functions are simplified and more enjoyable.

It always starts with the home design, a marriage of family function, construction materials and applications. Then comes the finishes that bring life and personality, even elegance to the aesthetic of the home. Few contractors really find this plateau, and even more rare is an team who can do it all. R. L. Gordon & Co recognizes the importance of providing our clients with a complete team of professionals who can bring their individual talents to the project and transforms a house into a family’s home. It is not just what is in and popular but it is an extension of the family, it has a life and personality of its own and it is all accomplished with color and finishes.  

Remodels, additions or a new home, give R. L. Gordon & Co a call!  A smaller, hands-on company taking your home building needs seriously.

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