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Building Dreams

By RL Gordon  • 

I have been in construction for about 50 years now. Yep, old… but I still have that same burning desire to see just a patch of plain ole dirt turn into someone’s home. And, it’s not just about the concrete, wood, stone, cabinets and plumbing fixtures we use on each plan, but that peoples dreams and expectations are fulfilled and exceeded, that throughout the process there was a peace and even enjoyment.

Contractors who last and have a reputation they are proud of, are contractors who pursue passion and purpose for its own rewards. Many contractors are driven by money and financial rewards. They will burn out over time, and their homes and customer relations will easily expose the truth that it is only about money. We all must make a living but when one’s passion and desire to see dreams come true and exceed a customers expectations comes secondary to the money, it is nothing more than a job.

After many years, R. L. Gordon & Co is building homes for the kids of the customers we built for years ago. We are building second and even third homes for some of our customers, and doing so with the same desire and passion we have had all these years. Now, joined by our daughter Amy DeVasto, a contractor and broker herself, we will continue building for years to come, with a great passion and desire to see dirt and paper plans turn into homes lived in with pride and joy. That no one can ever get too tired or old to grab ahold of and make happen.

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