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Is Your Home Safe and Protected
14 December 2020
Living in Florida we do not have to do as much to prevent home and property damage from the freezing...
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Catching Some Rays
14 December 2020
Here in sunny Florida, summer is about as bad as it can get for a home. The sunshine takes a tremendous...
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Fad or Trend?
01 April 2019
In home purchases buying into a fad can be expensive, and a long-term mistake. In today’s media one person’s...
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Home Ownership & Millennials
07 January 2019
Owning a home has been one of the most significant goals for families since the beginning of time. Accelerated...
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Building Dreams
23 August 2018
I have been in construction for about 50 years now. Yep, old... but I still have that same burning desire...
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Three Generations and Continuing!
23 May 2018
When choosing a company to build a new home or to handle an extensive remodel, it can be challenging...
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Have You Talked About How Much Your New Home Will Cost?
12 April 2018
Countless customers encounter unsuspected costs, and often disappointments in quality during the building...
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Being a Custom Home Builder Requires Originality
06 April 2018
We at R. L. Gordon & Co. constantly remind ourselves, we have done this several hundreds of times, much...
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How Important Are The Colors & Finishes You Choose In A Home?
09 March 2018
At R. L. Gordon & Co, we have been privileged to build hundreds of custom homes for a broad spectrum...
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Custom Homes vs. Tract Built Spec Homes in Subdivisions
12 February 2018
Larger tract builders have developed some great floor plans over the years, which address most of the...
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Your Home & Winter
27 October 2016
Like our northern friends, we Floridians should also prepare for the changes of the season. Here are...
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Horror Stories
07 September 2016
Horror stories abound from those who have attempted major remodels or have built a new home with most...
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Home Maintenance: Painting and Caulking
04 August 2016
PAINTING & CAULKING: as caulk shrinks, small cracks begin and moisture begins to enter the walls. Same...
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